If you live in, or anywhere near or intend on traveling to Anambra State, you need to read this

Gang wars, robbery, kidnap and other vices on the rise yet again despite State government's attempts to depreciate these degeneracies


Nigerian Army’s indiscriminate open of firearms attracts international reviews

It's no news of the clash between the Nigerian Army and the Shiite protesters and what had been reported to be the outcome of this incident. Soldiers fired this Monday on a march of about 1,000 Islamic Shiite activists who had blocked traffic on the outskirts of the capital, Abuja. Further review of this episode... Continue Reading →

If you’re a teacher, intend on being one or even know one, you need to read this

I was meandering about facebook this evening and stumbled upon something that i wasn't quite able to dismiss. Let's embrace the facts: in our part of the world, one of the most derogatory of all profession/principle is teaching. Regrettably, teaching has turned out to be more or less a back up plan, something to fall... Continue Reading →

Electric cars will change the landscape

First world countries are constantly breaking grounds with amazing innovations. And as such their predictions or fantasies are not far behind. The giant automobile company Jaguar partners with London Architecture to envision what the future might look like, with the advent and further improvement in EVs. And i gotta hand it to them, it sure... Continue Reading →

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